Date:   July 10, 2014

Cyprium is a concept project I completed at DCA during down-time between client work. It was somewhat ironically inspired by my pair of rather dull looking Sennheiser headphones, however what they lack in visual appeal is more than made up for in spectacular sound.

Almost anyone who works within the audio & sound industry has heard of the Sennheiser HD25-1 headphones; they are the professional’s choice. Amongst DJs, music studios and radio stations they are immensely popular as they offer almost unrivalled audio quality, background noise isolation and robustness. Whereas the functional qualities of these headphones beat almost any other at the given price point, they are yet to break into the consumer market due to their overtly utilitarian and basic appearance. Cyprium is an exploration into how these headphones could win the heart of consumers and audiophiles alike.


The basis of the new design is a pressed copper band which the remaining components attach to. The way the band cradles the cups allows them to freely rotate and conform precisely to the listener’s head. The cups can also be popped out of the copper band. This feature allows for simple repair and customization without the need for tools, especially when combined with the removable magnetic foam ear pads.

This refinement of existing functionality through a minimal and considered approach to design helps to bridge the gap between professionals and consumers for these fantastic sounding headphones.

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