Date:   October 6, 2015

Fuse is a fresh approach to the design of a product that has remained largely unchanged since its inception. Consumer units, or fuse boxes, are the focal points for electricity installed in a building. They serve to distribute power and interrupt the supply if an electrical fault is detected. Fuse has been carefully designed for both the electrician and the homeowner, irrespective of electrical knowledge. The smart display and accompanying app provide a new level of consciousness in active monitoring of energy consumption, and enable improved identification and simpler rectification of system faults. The use of standard internal components ensures that the installation and configuration of Fuse is in line with industry standards.
DCA were awarded Silver at the 2015 Braun Prize for the Fuse concept and also won a RedDot Award.

Comments from the Braun Prize Jury – including Oliver Grabes, Heather Martin & Benjamin Hubert:
“A fuse box could be considered a maligned object, something not usually considered a design object, but this idea both elevates its aesthetic value and empowers consumers to make changes in their life, which is the way the world is moving. The combination of hardware and software comes together very well here, to create one user experience. The concept is well thought through, from the easy installation of the unit, to the low energy E-ink display, to the app showing consumers how much energy they consume. The jury also praised the lighting failure state feature, which enables consumers to find the fuse box in the dark when there is a power failure.”
Music by Jonathon Salisbury.

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