Date:   July 29, 2013

Invictus, my final year university project, is a revolutionary football shin pad which breaks convention and boasts superior protection, comfort and fit… watch the video below for an in-depth explanation I gave at New Designers 2012
The design starts with a compression sock which conforms to the shape of leg, helps wick away sweat and aids with blood circulation. Shock-absorbing foam is then mounted to the sock which is perforated for ventilation.
Mounted to the foam is a two-part protective system; the shin is protected by a dynamic, three-piece shell which pivots and conforms to the shape of the leg and helps spread the force of impacts across the foam and away from the tibia. The rear of the leg is protected by an armadillo-inspired shell which pivots and flexes with the movement of the leg.

invictus-image-1 invictus-image-2 invictus-image-3 invictus-image-4