Date:   July 26, 2013

This project was completed during my time at Diageo. The brief was to redesign the existing tap to make it more on-brand for Smirnoff yet keep the original structure. The moulding was adapted to be metal plated which was then brushed, with areas laser etched away to allow the light to shine through. This allows the moulding to be adapted for different flavour variants without changing the tooling. Through using a brushed metal base material, the purity of Smirnoff is demonstrated with the large eagle acting as a beacon shining on the bar, creating maximum stand-out in any light condition and an overall aesthetic which is Smirnoff through and through. It is now in thousands of outlets across the UK and Europe.


Below shows the original tap (left) next to the redesign. On the right is the bag-in-box, this is simply attached to the tap and placed under the bar removing the need for extensive pipework, pumps or a cellar.