Date:   July 30, 2013

This concept is a limited edition pack for Smirnoff which uses light to hero the iconic silhouette of the bottle. Through implementing a three-tiered sales strategy, three variants of the concept were created each more exclusive and premium than the last. 


This is the top tier and the most exclusive. It is comprised of a frosted 70cl bottle which comes with a display case. At the base of the case is a light which shines up through bottle illuminating it, a sheet of glass bisects the case which contains the bottle profile cut-out. This cut-out is also illuminated by the light at the base, creating a glowing outline of the bottle. The case itself is made of acrylic, wrapped in brushed aluminium and contains debossed and enamelled lettering depicting the limited number of the bottle.


The middle tier is similar to the top yet comes with a plinth and the illuminated sheet of glass. The plinth is finished as per the case in the top tier as it’s made from acrylic and wrapped in brushed aluminium.


The bottom tier is simply the frosted bottle which contains an acrylic tag which hangs around the neck.